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Idaho Pomsky Puppies For Sale

You Will Love Our Pomsky Dogs

If you are looking for the best available Pomsky puppies in Idaho, we have them. The Puppy Lodge proudly raises superior Designer Pomsky Puppies for Pomsky enthusiasts throughout the nation. Our Pomskies are recognized for their playful nature and lovely looks. They will become a loving part of your family very quickly. We take pride in breeding puppies with the best genetics, health, and temperament.

Beautiful Pomsky puppy from Idaho
litter of Pomskies in Idaho
Adorable Pomsky Puppy In Idaho

The Pomsky Charm

Our Pomskies are a charming designer mix of the affectionate Pomeranian and the stunning Siberian Husky. They are compact in size like the Pomeranian and boast the Husky’s beautiful coats and colors. They are highly energetic, devoted, and clever, and are great pets for families. They are easy to train because they aim to please their owners.

The Energetic Pet

Pomskies adapt well to most lifestyles in Idaho, provided they get plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. They develop bonds with families, including kids, and with individuals as well. They love being integral to the family and the center of attention, contributing a lot of happiness to their owners. They possess thick double coats and experience seasonal shedding like a Siberian Husky.

Best Idaho Designer Pomskies for sale
Best Idaho Pomsky Breeder

Finding Your Pomsky in Idaho

We understand the difficulties of searching for a trustworthy Pomsky Breeder in Idaho. It's even harder to find puppies from breeders who provide genetic testing, strict breeding standards, and a positive environment. The Puppy Lodge is here to help. We make it easier for you to acquire a Pomsky in Idaho with our affordable puppy delivery services.

Our Mission

Here at The Puppy Lodge, we have a simple mission: to provide pet lovers in Idaho with access to premium Pomskies without settling for lower-quality pups. We are proud to offer a state-of-the-art kennel with heated floors and air conditioning that keeps our dogs comfortable. We also carry out in-depth genetic and health tests to guarantee that our dogs are top-notch. Our dogs benefit from a loving environment and large areas designed for play and exercise. Sign up to be among the happy Pomsky owners in Idaho and appreciate the happiness and love these pups bring into your life. Contact us today, and we'll help you find your new furbaby.

Idaho Pomsky FAQ’s

What two dog breeds are mixed to get a Pomsky?

Pomskies are a designer mix-breed dog comprised of a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. All of our parents are genetically and health-tested to ensure the highest-quality pups.

Pomsky Puppies can range from $1295.00 to over $3000.00 from reputable breeders with genetically tested and health-tested breeding stock. Puppies can be found for less, but beware: It costs money to raise puppies correctly with good genes.

The average lifespan of a Pomsky dog is around 13-15 years. Good nutrition and regular vet checkups can help your dog live longer.

Most Pomskies are very good with kids,  but proper training and attention will help ensure they get along and play nicely together.

Most Pomsky dogs shed heavily twice a year. Proper grooming is needed to keep their coats nice and lustrous and to keep the shedding under control.

Most Pomsky dogs shed heavily twice a year. Proper grooming is needed to keep their coats nice and lustrous and to keep the shedding under control.

Both parent breeds, the Pomeranian and the Husky are very active. Pomsky dogs are usually very active and will need regular exercise to burn off energy and avoid getting bored.

Most Pomsky puppies are very intelligent and eager to please, which makes them easy to train.

Yes, all of our Pomsky pups are from fully genetically tested and health-tested parents. Each pup comes with a Three-Year Health Guarantee.

Cities In Idaho Where We Sell Pomsky Puppies

Boise City, ID Meridian, ID Nampa, ID Idaho Falls, ID Caldwell, ID Pocatello, ID Coeur d'Alene, ID Twin Falls, ID Post Falls, ID Lewiston, ID Eagle, ID Rexburg, ID Moscow, ID Kuna, ID Ammon, ID Chubbuck, ID Hayden, ID Mountain Home, ID Jerome, ID Blackfoot, ID Garden City, ID Star, ID Burley, ID Rathdrum, ID Sandpoint, ID Middleton, ID Hailey, ID Payette, ID Emmett, ID Rupert, ID Preston, ID Fruitland, ID Weiser, ID Shelley, ID Buhl, ID Rigby, ID American Falls, ID Kimberly, ID Lincoln, ID McCall, ID St. Anthony, ID Gooding, ID Heyburn, ID Grangeville, ID Salmon, ID Hidden Springs, ID Orofino, ID Mountain Home AFB, ID Soda Springs, ID Fort Hall, ID Filer, ID Ketchum, ID Homedale, ID Wendell, ID Bonners Ferry, ID Victor, ID Spirit Lake, ID Montpelier, ID Bellevue, ID St. Maries, ID Iona, ID Dalton Gardens, ID Kellogg, ID Parma, ID Malad City, ID Aberdeen, ID Priest River, ID Driggs, ID Wilder, ID Pinehurst, ID New Plymouth, ID Osburn, ID Sugar City, ID Sun Valley, ID Shoshone, ID Paul, ID Marsing, ID Robie Creek, ID Glenns Ferry, ID Hansen, ID Kamiah, ID Moreland, ID Tyhee, ID Ponderay, ID Ucon, ID Lapwai, ID Riverside, ID Arbon Valley, ID Challis, ID Cascade, ID Ashton, ID Plummer, ID Kootenai, ID Cottonwood, ID Genesee, ID Dover, ID Grace, ID Hagerman, ID Council, ID Troy, ID Inkom, ID Arco, ID Greenleaf, ID Franklin, ID McCammon, ID Horseshoe Bend, ID Potlatch, ID Hazelton, ID Oakley, ID Athol, ID Menan, ID Moyie Springs, ID Wallace, ID Teton, ID Hauser, ID Ririe, ID Mullan, ID Kooskia, ID Carey, ID Roberts, ID Downey, ID Notus, ID Hayden Lake, ID Groveland, ID Smelterville, ID Juliaetta, ID Clark Fork, ID Dubois, ID Pierce, ID Melba, ID New Meadows, ID Deary, ID Lewisville, ID Paris, ID Dayton, ID Firth, ID