We Raise and Deliver Mini Poodle Puppies to Nevada and other regions of the Nation.

Nevada Miniature Poodle Puppies For Sale

You Will Love Our Miniature Poodle Dogs

The Puppy Lodge focuses on raising the highest quality Miniature Poodle Puppies for poodle lovers across the country. Our Miniature Poodles are well known for their excellent genetics, playful natures, and attractive appearances. Our mini poodle puppies will capture your heart and love very quickly. We proudly only raise puppies with the best genetics, health, and temperament.

Beautiful Mini Poodle puppy from Nevada
Adorable Miniature Poodle Puppy In Nevada
Miniature Poodle Puppy litter in Nevada

The Poodle Charm

Miniature Poodles rank as one of the top dog breeds in America. They may be smaller than Standard Poodles, but their intelligence and temperaments are equally strong. They are full of energy, love playing, and thrive on being mentally challenged by tasks or games. Because of their extreme intelligence and desire to please their owners, they are very easy to train.

The Perfect Pet

Mini Poodles are ideal pets for any person or family; they are good with kids and other pets, and they really enjoy cuddling and being around people. Non-shedding and hypoallergenic, they are excellent pets even for those who have allergies. Poodles are very affectionate, enjoy playing, and constantly seek to have fun and be the spotlight. Their continuously growing curly hair doesn’t shed, thus it needs to be groomed and brushed regularly.

Best Nevada High Quality Mini Poodles for sale
Top Nevada Mini Poodle Breeder

Finding Your Pomsky in Nevada

We recognize the difficulties in locating a reputable Miniature Poodle Breeder in Nevada. It’s even tougher to locate puppies from breeders who implement genetic testing, adhere closely to breeding protocols, and ensure a good environment. The Puppy Lodge is here for your convenience. We make it easy to locate and welcome a Premium Mini Poodle into your home in Nevada with our affordable puppy delivery services.

Our Mission

Here at The Puppy Lodge, we have a simple mission: ensure that families in Nevada can find the finest Miniature Poodles without having to settle for inferior puppies. We're proud to have a state-of-the-art kennel with heated floors and air conditioning, keeping our dogs comfortable. We offer a caring environment and spacious play areas for our dogs to exercise and play, and our Purdue University Canine Care Certification proves it. Add your name to the growing list of joyful Miniature Poodle owners in Nevada, and enjoy the happiness and love these puppies bring. Call us now, and let us assist you in finding your new furbaby.

Nevada Miniature Poodle FAQ’s

Are all your Miniature Poodles registered?

Yes,  All of our Mini Poodle parents are registered and come from some of the best genetically tested breeding stock.   This ensures good health along with great temperaments.

Mini Poodle Puppies can range in price from $1500.00 to over $3000.00 from reputable breeders with genetically tested and health-tested breeding stock. Puppies can be found for less, but beware: It costs money to raise puppies correctly with good genes.

The average lifespan of a Miniature Poodle is around 10-18 years. Good nutrition and regular vet checkups play a big part in keeping your dog healthy.

Most Miniature Poodles are very good with kids,  Miniature poodles are small and can get hurt if children play rough.  It is wise to educate your kids on how to play safely with them.

Mini Poodles don’t shed and are very hypoallergenic.   Because they don’t shed, weekly brushing and regular grooming will be needed.

Most Mini Poodles weigh about 10 -15 pounds when fully grown and stand between 10 and 15 inches tall at the shoulders.

Miniature Poodle dogs are usually very active and will need regular exercise to burn off energy and avoid getting bored. Usually an hour of combined exercise and playtime is enough to keep them healthy.

Miniature poodles are known to be some of the most intelligent dogs, which leads them to be very easy to train.  Sometimes they are smarter than they should which could lead them into mischief.

Yes, all of our Miniature Poodle pups are from fully genetically tested and health-tested parents. Each pup comes with a Three-Year Health Guarantee.

Cities In Nevada Where We Sell Mini Poodle Puppies

Las Vegas, NV Henderson, NV North Las Vegas, NV Reno, NV Paradise, NV Spring Valley, NV Sunrise Manor, NV Enterprise, NV Sparks, NV Carson City, NV Whitney, NV Pahrump, NV Winchester, NV Summerlin South, NV Fernley, NV Sun Valley, NV Elko, NV Mesquite, NV Boulder City, NV Spanish Springs, NV Spring Creek, NV Gardnerville Ranchos, NV Cold Springs, NV Dayton, NV Fallon, NV Incline Village, NV Laughlin, NV Winnemucca, NV Moapa Valley, NV Gardnerville, NV Indian Hills, NV Johnson Lane, NV Lemmon Valley, NV Silver Springs, NV West Wendover, NV Ely, NV Battle Mountain, NV Nellis AFB, NV Yerington, NV Minden, NV Hawthorne, NV Washoe Valley, NV Carlin, NV Kingsbury, NV Tonopah, NV Stagecoach, NV Lovelock, NV Sandy Valley, NV Topaz Ranch Estates, NV Smith Valley, NV East Valley, NV Bunkerville, NV Pioche, NV Mogul, NV Ruhenstroth, NV Golden Valley, NV Verdi, NV Wells, NV Jackpot, NV Panaca, NV Owyhee, NV Alamo, NV Caliente, NV Schurz, NV Round Hill Village, NV Stateline, NV McGill, NV Indian Springs, NV Beatty, NV Wadsworth, NV Virginia City, NV Grass Valley, NV Moapa Town, NV Genoa, NV Fish Springs, NV Osino, NV